01 September 2016

Something's gotta go!

I've felt this way before many times: life too cluttered, too many things going on, not enough energy or time to do everything properly. I feel like I'm just half-assing everything.

It goes all the way back to my undergrad days, really. Professor Schlunk once remarked to me that I had too many interests. It would get me in trouble some day, he said. And he was right. I have a tendency to get involved in more and more activities until I feel overwhelmed. Then I have to make some choices and drop some things.

But dropping things was so much easier when I was young. I wasn't as committed to things as I am now. Some of my activities are things I've been doing for a large part of my adult life.

And yet I can tell that something's gotta go.

I think I know what it's gonna be. It'll mean losing contact with a number of people in a half a dozen countries, since it's an organization that's been run out of a Facebook group for five years. And it won't be easy to let it go. But there are only so many hours in the day.

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