24 January 2015

I've been a baaaaaaaad boy!

In the past few years I've broken into an old woman's house and stolen her jewelry, murdered some people (but don't worry, I hid the bodies well), gone to the office in flowing robes and a long head scarf, killed rats with my bare hands, eaten snakes...

...oh! Did I mention that I did these things in dreams?

And these are only the things I would mention in a blog.

Although dreamworkers are often dazzled with breathtaking scenery or otherworldly music and architecture that still fills them with awe just to remember them, they are also regularly confronted with challenging experiences in their dreams that make them embarrassed, disgusted, frustrated, and a bit frightened to consider who they really are on the deepest levels.

At the same it can make you humble. It's hard to get egoistic and pompous when you know what kind of eery, earthy, animal, decadent, vengeful, cowardly impulses lie beneath your carefully cultivated, civilized surface. Though, to be fair, it is also hard to be completely self-demeaning when you experience the profound beauty and wisdom that lie within you.

You have to take one with the other. But once you realize that dealing with the nasty and scary dreams is often what yields the most reward, with time even those don't seem so nasty and scary anymore.

Have I mentioned that I recently made a business deal with a mafia boss, and that I infiltrated a government office, and...

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